Dealership request
Basic requirements of the applicant:
  • Citizenship of the Islamic Republic
  • Not having a criminal record
  • Permanent residence in the applicant’s province
  • Having a termination of military service card or permanent exemption
  • Having a diploma or higher degree (higher degree is preferred)
  • Ability to invest at least twenty billion tomans (in addition to property)
  • Ability to present a property document or bank guarantee in accordance with the terms and conditions of the company to guarantee the agency contract
  • Maximum age of 55 years (real person)
  • The possibility of recruiting and employing technical and support personnel in accordance with the announced standards
  • Providing high-speed ADSL internet with KB512 bandwidth
  • Provide bank account turnover of at least 6 months
Basic conditions of the introduced property :
  • The area of the property is at least 3000 square meters for the sales dealership and after-sales services and 1000 square meters for the sales dealership (higher areas are preferred)
  • at least 40 meters of width
  • Located on the main street with heavy truck traffic
  • The right distance to the nearest representative of the company
  • Presenting the original ownership document
  • The possibility of obtaining a commercial construction permit and a workshop shed for the desired property from the municipality
  • Dimensional specifications can be reviewed according to the network expert

Documents and information required to declare a request:
  • Duplicate copies of all pages of the applicant's birth certificate
  • Certified copy of the last academic degree
  • A copy equal to the original of the national card
  • Property details including: city, property location, property type, ownership type, property use, property location in the city, property address, property area, property size
  • A map of the desired city with the location of the property in it
  • Detailed engineering plan of the property
  • (cd) filming and taking photos of the requested location
  • Original copy of business license and related records (mechanical, parts sales, agency, showroom, repair shop,)
  • Certified copy of the ownership documents of the proposed property
  • A certified copy of the articles of association with the inclusion of after-sales services in the subject of activity (legal entities) and the latest changes of the company and the official newspaper
How to submit a request: After completing the documents and preparing the letter of the application, the applicants send their application along with the documents to the address: . no 16/20 Anahita building- Eram Blvd Mehr Shahr Karaj

Postal code : 3185796718
Phone Call: 00982633417182